Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The best natural hair product review EVER!

Another "JEM" to add to my collection!

I KNOW I am not the only one who used to LOVE to watch this show. JEM was more edgy and punk rock than those little Barbie's. Don't get me wrong, I love Barbie too but I loved how fierce these ladies were. I found this book for .99 cents and it was 30% cheaper with my membership card. I saw a JEM book go for $70 something bucks a while back on eBay...My retro book and video collection is gonna be a gold mine! WATCH. LOL!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Solange sings "Mama Loves Baby" on Yo Gabba Gabba

Sunday, August 29, 2010


...although I will recycle these water bottles its still a shame that I am a co-conspirator to the crime! LOL! I need to invest in a good water filter system and reusable non-plastic water bottles to avoid the excessive use of plastics....I'm sure the planet will thank me for it!

Name brand outfit for only $2 bucks!

While out THRIFTING I stumbled on the cutest pieces for my almost 5 year old. The bedazzled top is Old Navy and the shorts are Hannah Montana, new with tags. Since it was Maniac Monday I got an additional 75% off. This cute little outfit that I paired with gold gladiator sandals only cost $2.oo!! You can't beat that price with a stick! Thrift stores are more than dusty hand-me-downs...I had on a Vera Wang top yesterday that I paid a buck fiddy for! Gotta love it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hooking up the Crib for FALL!!!...for LESS.

I fell in love with this color arrangement at Target!!! Its warm chocolate with a splash of bold colors!

Paint colors...

comforter set

I love that green and chocolate together...



I have been purging and getting rid of clutter for the past few months. I was on my way to being a hoarder....not like that woman from Oprah a few weeks back, more like an organized clutter. My garage was a mess!! WOW! So after having Salvation Army make 4 trips to my home to pick up all this junk I'm inspired to jazz up my crib (home)... Hubby and I juggled with the idea of buying a new home but we don't want to settle down for 10+ years in this state, we wanna relocate EAST... Stay tuned for that convo...

Anywhoooo...since we are gonna live in this house for another year or so we decided to redo everything while we are here. We are not balling so we are gonna do this on a budget. When we first got married I shopped in places like Pier 1, spending waaaay too much money. After perusing Target and Walmart I started "window shopping" for ideas. I'd snap a pic of color combos and text hubby and he would say YES or NO...so we agreed with the chocolate brown paired with bold colors like; green, turquoise, orange....its a perfect mix of the both of us! Right now grad school has consumed my world but I imagine we will have this job completed by Thanksgiving. It feels good to chunk all of that junk that was taking up space. All that clutter was messing with my mind, now I have clarity and can think! LOL! It's so true what they say about clutter effecting your peace of mind. As I was chunking stuff in the Donate, Sell, and Trash piles I felt liberated! I should have taken BEFORE pics! OMG!
Stay tuned yall!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Original Old School Perculator

Brings back memories of watching the Chi Town folks get down in "Club Multi" at Langston University! I LOVE IT!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Carter....

Jay Z & Beyonce know how to vacation...You can find these two traveling on the most plush, expensive yachts in the middle of the ocean sailing into the sunset. Beyonce looks fabulous and her husband JayZ is swagadocious as usual! I just love these two together!
This is the same pier from their very first vacation in St. Tropez...

St. Tropez







Jay seems to be such a gentlemen!

May God Bless their Union! :)
SOURCE::: Beyonce World

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elmo Goes Green!

"Being Green" Elmo goes "green" to help the Earth..
We checked this video out from the library and my baby loved it! She danced all around and wanted to know more about 'going green' and what it meant to recycle. Even though I recycle plastics and paper she never knew what I was doing. So now she tries to save everything! LOL!

Elmo and Abby find out it can be easy being green when they stumble onto the Earth-a-Thon, hosted by Mr. Earth (Paul Rudd), happening right on Sesame Street. Telly, Rosita, and cookie monster answer calls from children calling in with pledges to reduce, reuse and recycle (and possibly send cookies to Cookie Monster). But what happens when Abby uses her magic to help Elmo be really "green"?
Includes Green Parent Tips and Earth Friendly Fun! 16 page downloadable activities and story sheets!!!

I can't wait to wear it...

I bought this coat in April from eBay, I paid very little for the coat because it was purchased in the Spring...it wasn't cold enough to wear it so I just tucked it away in my closet. Fall is coming and I can't wait to wear this beauty! I love it! This time of year is the best time to purchase a coat. I find sales on winter stuff in the summer and vice versa. Its about that time to purchase your outwear!

I am NOTHING without HIM....


Whenever I had the nerve to think that I had outgrown my teacher....Or I was living too good to listen to the preacher....You'd make it so that I would realize my disillusion....Then I'd have to re-evaluate some things....At one time I was truly a circumstantial kind of praiser....Only when things were going good I'd lift my voice to worship....Forgetting, when all of the chips were down who faitfully stayed around..And helped me out, Lord I don't know how...At times, I lost sight of my faith...At times, I tried....But I found it hard to wait on You...Many times I have taken things in my own hands....And messed up bad...So here I am singing...

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/k/kierra_kiki_sheard/#share

Friday, August 20, 2010

My shopping bag...

brown to earth bag co. $1.00 (a buck)
Honestly I have no idea where I purchased this reusable bag...It was only $1.00...
maybe Dollar Tree???
Most of the time I forget it at home so I have to settle for paper bags, but I'm getting better...some stores you can't avoid getting plastic...don't beat yourself up, most things have some type of plastic packaging. I just try to avoid plastic and styrofoam if/when I can because they will still be taking up space somewhere in a landfill hundreds of years from now. Every little bit helps so do what you can to save our home, Earth. Everytime I REMEMBER to take this bag with me, it's one less plastic bag to take home.


AMAZING! I love it!

Usher - There Goes My Baby

I need to get this album! I LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

My baby girl and I
4 years ago!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My pretty little green flower clip for $1.49 plus tax!

I found this beauty in a discount dusty box at the BSS (beauty supply store)...I know I'm supposed to be boycotting that store but what can I say??? They have diva essentials in there! LOL! ...I just avoid those pricy hair care products. Well anywhooo, It was so green and sparkly and blingy...I just had to have it! I asked the lady (who didn't want to be bothered *smh*) she said it was $4.99....I wanted it anyway because I couldn't find another one like it in the whole store. When I went to check out the lady told me my total was $4.22...so I'm like hmmm??? I bought the eyebrow arch thingy and some NYX polish. She only charged me $1.49 on the reciept! Oh Happy Day! I get giddy about bargains, don't judge me. LOL! Every chance I get to wear that bad boy I put it in my hair...on the side by my ear, at the top of my puff...it doesn't even matter. The gold hasn't even started to fade yet! YAY! I love my pretty little green flower clip for $1.49, makes me happy! :) ITSTHESIMPLETHINGS :D


I'm speechless...I've never seen an afro in a picture so old.

??? I wonder::

When was this picture taken?
How old is she?
Where is she from?
What did she use on her hair?


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eco-SMART Insect Repellant...

Safe Personal Care Value Bundle
$24.00 a $28 value! Save over 25% -- Four (4) bottles of Insect Repellent (6 oz)
Keep some repellent handy in the house, the car, your beach bag or in your picnic basket!

DID YOU KNOW??:: Children exposed to synthetic herbacides early in life are four and a half times more likely to develop asthma?

What will they think of next????


Words to live by...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Montana Fishburne Defends Her Decision To Make Porn Movie

I feel so sorry for her dad...She sounds so ridiculous and ditzy! Shame on it ALL!

The Roots - Hard Times (feat. John Legend) [Live]


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs. Eric Roberson! CONGRATS!!!

Bride: Shawn Martha Renee Roberson, 33
Groom: Eric Roberson, 35
Occupations: Eric, R&B artist and songwriter; Shawn, strategic planning executive
Homebase: New Jersey
Wedding Date: August 10, 2008
Wedding Location: Pennsylvania

Sweet Melody: Eric Roberson met his wife, Shawn Martha Renee Roberson, through a mutual friend after one of his shows. The two shared very similar paths but had never met. Each of their families hails from North Carolina and they are both Howard University alums. "She told me she bought my first album, "Esoteric," and told me it was amazing," recalls Eric with a laugh. "All I kept thinking was, Oh yeah, tell me more."

Let's Make It Official: After ending relationships with other partners, neither Eric nor Shawn was ready to assume titles, so, to take the pressure off, they just kicked it and spent a lot of quality time with one another. They only made it official when Eric's mom made them face the music. "My mom asked us, 'If she does this would you get mad? And if he does this would you be mad?' " explains Eric. "We both answered yes, and she said simply, 'Then y'all are boyfriend and girlfriend!' " They dated for eight years before walking down the aisle.

Her Pre-Proposal: The couple dated for eight years before getting engaged. Ironically, Eric wasn't the one with the jitters; it was Shawn. "Everyone kept asking what was taking me so long, but Shawn was the one dragging her feet," says Eric. "But then she started leaving bridal mags around as if to give me a hint when she changed her mind, but I was like, Oh no, if you want to get married you're gonna have to let me know." And she did, by surprising and whisking him away to Ziwataneo, Mexico, for a weeklong getaway in October 2006, where she proposed to him with a ring during a candlelit dinner on a mountaintop. "I asked him if he would be my partner for life," says Shawn. "I wanted him to know how much I loved him and that I did want to marry him one day."

His Proposal: A year later, Eric escorted Shawn to their favorite restaurant, Budda Khan, in Philadelphia, for an impromptu dinner, where he surprised her with a jack-in-the-box proposal. "I ordered everything for us and fed her the entire evening," says the singer. "When it was time for dessert I ordered these donuts that we love and had the waiter put the ring in the donut box carton to bring out to her before she was too full to eat. She had no clue, and when she finally figured out what the ring box was for she started crying as I proposed to her, she started crying until I yelled "Answer me!" (Laughs.)

The Ceremony: Family and friends gathered at the Lake House Inn in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, to witness Eric and Shawn become the Robersons. Three boys preceded the bridal party down the aisle toting mini red and black guitars for Eric, which was a perfect accent to their cranberry and chocolate color scheme. As Shawn's brother, grandfather and father walked her down the aisle, Eric didn't leave a dry eye in the room when he serenaded his wife with the heartfelt "You Are So Beautiful." "I lost it when I realized he was singing to me because he never really sings like that outside of his performances," says Shawn. "In the midst of my tears I was also laughing because Eric got choked up and to avoid getting so emotional in the middle of the song he yelled ‘Lord, help me!'"

Eight years ago, singer and songwriter Eric Roberson got more than he bargained for after one of his shows: he met his future wife, Shawn.
“We’re both Howard University alums but had never met,” says Eric. “She told me my first album,”Esoteric," was amazing and that’s all she wrote after that."

With only eyes for each other, the newlyweds enjoy a sweet kiss.
“Eric taught me the true meaning of love and patience,” says Shawn. “I haven’t felt more secure and safe with anyone else.”

Shawn and Eric chose legendary rap trio Tribe Called Quest’s anthem “Bonita Applebaum” as their introduction song as a married couple.
“I love that my wife loves rap music and can go lyric for lyric with me on just about any song,” says Eric. “We both love Tribe and the song was perfect for us.”

Song from former member of Zhane...
For more pics and the entire article go to ::: www.essence.com