Thursday, September 30, 2010

Faith Evans "Gone Already" Music Video

I couldn't decide on a color, so....

.....I picked them all!! LOL!
Pointer-Lavender Creme, Middle- Wild Card/Invitation, Ring-Caribbean Frost, Pinky-Blue Moon, Thumb-Flying Dragon (Neon) China Glaze

J Moss - Let It Go

Real Talk....LET IT GO!

I Want Back by Kierra "KiKi" Sheard

This CD stays in heavy rotation! I AM NOTHING without GOD!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage 1954 JET magazine kinda love!

Carmen JonesNames: Harry Belafonte, Dorothy Dandridge
Stills of Harry Belafonte and Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones

I found that Vintage 1954 JET Magazine Cover when I googled something...I don't even remember what I was looking for online but this picture literally popped up on (YBF). I have watched Carmen a kazillion times. I rented it from the library and had all kinds of late fees when I finally returned it! LOL!... I had never seen that magazine cover before. After stumbling upon that pic it prompted me to google Carmen Jones, the film and ran into these photo stills on ( I love watching old black and white musicals...I just rented Porgy and Bess this past weekend. Those where the days before digital imaging and photoshopped celebs. Rare and raw talent! These movies had the drama, romance and suspense like the movies of today but they just had more substance and depth back then, if you ask me... Netflix and the local library have all the oldies but goodies!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I can dig it!

I really love this song by Miguel ft J. Cole. When I first heard this song on a compilation CD I must admit that I didn't instantly love it. I guess I wasn't really paying attention. You can say that I failed to take it all in...but OH BOY!! When I did finally sit back and listened to the track/lyrics was when the smooth groove hit me. I am a major fan of J.Cole, he is major...but I wasn't familiar with Miguel. This is the kindof song you can play after a long day, with a glass of Moscato...just relaxin! After having this song on repeat for the last half hour I am sold. I love good music for "grown folk"!

Sew'd UP!

On a recent Thrift-o-thon I saw these antique sewing machines. I've always wanted to sew my own clothes for many reasons...(1) I have so many ideas swarming around in my head (2) I like being original, I loathe having on the same thing as someone else! (3) MUCH Cheaper!! (4) If I'm good (which I'm sure I would be *wink*) I could make it a source of income... I'm always thinking of ways to save money and make money. These two machines were beautiful and in mint condition! I wrote down the info so I can browse the net and find out how much they are worth. I want to make sure they are not overpriced. You have to watch out...some thrift stores are just as expensive as buying the item new. We shall see...I want these beauties so bad!! Aren't they gorgeous??

Thursday, September 23, 2010


My pal, Jen (GinGin) is a genius with makeup and brushes! She can blend colors like no other...I had to feature her fabulosity on my blog. We both made the BC (Big Chop) around the same time so its awesome to see how beautiful her hair is growing. Wanna see for yourself?? Check out her fan page and "like" it!!!

Langston University Homecoming 2010

My alma mater!!! LUUUUUU- YOU KNOW!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

No matter what....

My weight changes all the time. UP and down...I may loc up my hair or I might even chop it all off again. Whether I dress like a hippie or a classy business woman, I AM FABULOUS. Happiness is a inside job. Nothing or no one should determine your worth. Love yourself, regardless of the twists and turns of life. I AM FABULOUS and so are YOU!!!

Eco-Friendly Baby Products

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A day out...

The lake

My sister and the Avon store.

My daughter giving me that "put away the camera Mommy" face! LOL!

My sugaz!


Me and my oldest baby!

Daddy's girl!

The lake

We found something interesting....Ew

Playing in the water...

looking for seashells..

skipping rocks
We had a fun day in the sun!! It was nice hanging out with my sister and daughters. We spent most of the day outdoors enjoying some fresh air!!! Fun Times.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kevin Sbraga wins as the first African American TOP CHEF!!!!

"You are Top Chef," Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi told Kevin, a 30-year-old from Willingboro, NJ, as he and fellow finalists Ed Cotton and Angelo Sosa waited to learn their fate.

"I am?" Ed asked.

"That was the best reaction ever!" lead judge Tom Colicchio laughed.

"I won, Jersey's taking the belt home," a more composed Kevin said afterwards. "It's really like a dream come true... this is a life-changer. My career has been good, but this could make it great, it could make it incredible."

"It's absolutely huge that I'm the first African-American Top Chef. My dad, my sister, my friends, the guys at the barber shop -- they're going to eat it up, they're going to love it. I'm Top Chef!"

Vegetable course:
eggplant, zucchini and pepper terrine -- call it sweet justice for Ed, but Eric Ripert was a fan of the presentation but not the lack of flavor or contrast
Fish course: pan-seared rouget with cuttlefish sauce and noodles -- who knew potbelly and squid went together like peanut butter and jelly? Kevin did!
Meat course: roasted duck breast with duck dumpling -- Eric was amazed by the caramelized bok choy. "I have never zeen zees!"
Dessert course: frozen Singapore sling with tropical fruits -- restaurateur Iggy Chan was positively floored by the sling, which he deemed the new national dessert. Everyone seemed to agree that it was a complex, successful spin on a traditional favorite.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Huetiful Steamer Review


Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry has new jewelry for FALL/Winter!!!

Love in the Dark earrings

Heiress necklace (hematite)

Starstruck earrings


Spiral necklace

Spiral earrings


rock candy (hematite) has matching earrings available

Monarch necklace

Monarch earrings

Love and the Dark


holiday charm necklace and earrings

Jet Set

Heiress earrings (hematite)

Cosmopolitan choker

Buttercup AB
If you would like to shop for these exclusive pieces go to:
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Happy Shopping! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Langston Hughes....Brownstones...New York!!!

In the television show I Love Lucy (1951–1957), the Ricardos lived in a converted brownstone apartment building on New York's East 68th Street owned by their friends the Mertzes.

In the Audrey Hepburn classic Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), much of the action took place in her brownstone apartment building.

On the popular American television program The Cosby Show (1984–1992), the affluent Huxtable family, the show's central characters, lived in a Brooklyn brownstone.

Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of Sex and the City, resided in a brownstone at a fictitious Upper East Side address in New York City.

On Sesame Street, Gordon Robinson and his wife Susan own the brownstone 123 Sesame Street, and are the landlords to Bert and Ernie.

Langston Hughes House at 20 East 127th Street built in 1869

Langston Hughes lived in this house from the late 1940's until his death in 1967.

There are also six original fireplaces, as well as sliding doors between the front and back parlors. Frosted glass enlivens the vestibule doorway, while a colorful skylight emits multi-hued beams from the top of the stairwell. A peaceful, tree-shaded garden in back must have offered Mr. Hughes a contemplative oasis in the middle of the Harlem he loved so much.

The home of Langston Hughes...

Wow. Langston Hughes lived here...he wrote some of my favorite poems and books in this house. #IGOTCHILLS

When I get my paper tight, I'm gonna buy his home the next time it goes on sale. WATCH.

Isn't it beautiful??... My daydreams look like this...I can totally see myself chilling on the stoop/steps watching people walk by...jamming to some Neo-Soul in my ear-phonez. Lovely.

Some of my favorite movies had Brownstones::: Best Man...Love Jones....Disappearing Acts....
There are many brownstones throughout numerous New York City neighborhoods, especially in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Park Slope, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Heights, and Bedford Stuyvesant. The Manhattan neighborhood of the Upper West Side, too, retains many glorious brownstones. New York City brownstones are highly desired, and usually cost several million dollars to purchase.
In Chicago, a brownstone typically refers to a free-standing house, originally built for a single family, clad in brownstone. While many Chicago brownstones have subsequently been split into multiple rental or condominium units, many others remain single-family homes. These houses attract the young and newlyweds. Due to varieties in stone color, some Chicago dwellings are called "graystones".
Due to urban renewal, brownstones are developing in Detroit as well.

I have always had a fascination for Brownstones. It started when I seen my first Spike Lee movie back in the mid-late 80's. As I began studying the Harlem Renassiance and the culture of that era my love for Brownstones turned into a this huge desire to move east and buy my own Brownstone. I haven't given up that dream...I can soooo see myself as a New Yorker owning a whole block of Brownstones and naming the edition Brown Sugah. Very ambitious, I know... but dreams do come true...