Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy "DRESS UP" Day!!

Halloween is not my favorite holiday but I love to dress up in babies were a Fairy and Egyptian Princess for "dress up day" I forgot to take a picture of myself...I was Jill Scott!! LOL!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A new wig and a thrift store dress!

Shopping with my birthday gift cards (my bday was Oct 14th) friends and fam threw a surprise birthday party for me... They really blew me away with the cake, food, bubbly, gifts..I had a blast. Anywhoo, I decided to wear this wig that I bought at least a year ago. Its called RIHANNA III ...Its a bob, the back is totally cute. My vintage dress was $1.75 at the thrift store. That was a good day!!

SAFETY FIRST...Wear your seatbelts, youngins...its the LAW!! LOL!>.... I was sitting at a light, I don't promote snapping pics while driving!! heehee

Glamazini #226: Non-Black Person's Guide: What Is Natural Hair?

Wordless Wednesday


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy (belated) 65th Birthday Ebony!!

Ebony Magazine turns 65 and celebrates by emulating vintage magazine covers. Celebs like Nia Long, Lamman Rucker, Journee Smollet, John Legend, Omar Epps, Samuel Jackson, Tariji P Henson, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Regina King, Yolanda Adams & Blair Underwood grace the 65th anniversary celebratory issue of Ebony magazine. Mary J. Blige is wearing the same exact outfit that Diana Ross wore many years ago.



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jilly from Philly..STYLE INSPIRATION

I love the entire look! Jill looks like she has lost weight, get it Jill!!

GARAGE SALES are a good way to REUSE!

Garage Sales are my favorite Saturday morning ritual.. So many treasures to sort from..I usually go to the "uppity" neighborhoods because in many cases the wealthy are more likely to bore quickly from an overabundance and tend to sell their items dirt cheap. Garage sales are a great way to purge while ridding oneself of excess and making a pretty penny in the process! A while back I promoted my garage sale on Craigslist, posted signs and even attached balloons to my mailbox to encourage people to stop and shop. I started at 8 am in the morning and by noon I had close to $300 dollars in my pocket. CHA-CHING! I made a huge dent in my junky garage and cashed in at the same time. Its alot of work but well worth it in the end...the stuff that you have left you can drop off at the Goodwill. To make it even more fun, invite friends to sell their things as well..its like making money for hanging out... Happy Garage Sailin'...

Friday, October 15, 2010


Look at my pitiful little banner that I made...Don't laugh yall! I need help, my blog design/layout is so boring!! ...If you know someone who can help me please hook me up. I am willing to pay!! lol...

Phatty or Fatty??

A year or so ago I was encouraged by a few pals to open up a blog...I have blogged for many years...primarily as an outlet or a place to dump all my thoughts and interests. I've journaled on Blackplanet, Xanga, Myspace, Chocolate Brides, Facebook and most recently here, on Blogger. Trying to find a title was a challenge... I thought of the majority of my friends and what audience I wanted to target. Most of my family can be described as thick, CHUNKY, chubby, BIG-BONED, fat, Healthy and the smallers ones would be considered curvy. I've NEVER been skinny, even when I was smaller I was still categorized as being a "THICK" chick...

On many of the social networking sites I would browse profiles and see women that I would consider small or thin referring to themselves as thick or curvy. They ranged from sizes 6-10 with a little booty and boobage but they called themselves thick.

Some would see me out and about and consider me morbidly obese because they would never want to be my size in a million years. I can imagine some women would rather drink clorox on ice than to be as big as me.

So the debate is; Should plus size women refer to themselves as curvy when society sees us as FAT??? Hmmm?? Both sides of the spectrum could argue this topic back and forth all day, whether or not these little video chicks with boobs and a pinch of badonk are curvy... and/or.. Are my fellow plus size divas PHAT or FAT?

After its all said and done, I am who I say I am. You are whoever you say you are...just like that chick who is a 12/14 but always claims to be a size 4/6...let her be whoever she wants to be. She may get the side eye and a twisted lip topped with a YEAH RIGHT but who really cares? Is there a blue ribbon and a trophy at the end of the day?? I think we are all guilty of sizing people up LITERALLY...I'm so over it...I can care less what you see when you look in the mirror...I'm all for positive self image regardless what the scale says. I'm all about promoting high self esteem and working your assets! Find that part of you that is your strength and bedazzle the crud out of it!! *2 snaps in a Z formation! HMPH!

Feels good to finally get this rant out of my system..DO YOU ladies..stop worrying about the next chick...last time I checked none of my naysayers were around when it was time to pay my bills so they can kick rocks in some flip flops!! Work what you have ladies, whether you have a little or a LOT...DO YOU!

So if you are pretty in the face but thick in the waist, SO BE IT! If you are small, big gut, flat butt or down with the itty bitty *itty committee, WERK IT!! I encourage you all to be healthy, eat right and be active but in the meanwhile while you continue to carry around those thunda thighs...BE FIERCE!! Folk gonna talk about you anyways, so you might as well love yourself anyhow!! *drops mic and switches off stage*

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ebony-Pink Together Survivor Ambassador 2010

Ebony - Pink Together Survivor Ambassador 2010

Pink Together MySpace Video

Waiting For Superman Trailer

A picture is worth a thousand words...

A fan of the blog emailed me this picture, thanks Kim!!

I have no idea where this picture originated from...Pictures like this make me wonder...I wonder where this pic was taken...who are these women and what type of career did they have...when was this picture old are these ladies...what is their story??? These ladies are classic beauties...I love those old swimsuits, they are still sexy without being raunchy...I love looking at old photos...I guess that is why I take so many day when I'm gone on to Glory, my pictures will live on!! I really wish I had access to my grandparents old pictures....know your history yall..

If you'd like to write me or send images, my email addy is

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October is...

October is the most powerful month of the year for me... (trying not to get choked up as I type this) October is my birth month....October is the month my babies were born...October is Breast Cancer Awareness month...Every time I see that pink ribbon that represents breast cancer and breast cancer survivors I am reminded that breast cancer is real...That pink ribbon symbolizes so much more to me now, its no longer just a cute little pink ribbon...its a reminder of how close I came to loosing my best friend, Vee.
Vee, my cousin/BFF/spiritual counselor, biggest cheerleader and supporter/my friend. She is a SURVIVOR!! BREAST CANCER FREE!!!!

Me giving Vee a kiss, this pic was taken in 1977/1978

Me and Vee at the Maxwell/Jill Scott concert (Summer 2010)

Having a good time, as usual.


Vee rocking her fro!! We are going natural together!

My sister, Me, my cousin Mary (Vee's sister) and Vee Vee in Dallas Texas..


One Fall evening while sitting in the audience of my then 10 year olds recital, I received a call. It was from my bestie, Vee...I wasn't alarmed because we talk daily, if not every day every other day. So I quietly exited the auditorium and stepped outside to take the phone call. Like any other day I see that its Vee calling and I answered the phone, "Sup, chick"... I proceed to goof off as usual... I'm always clowning when we talk on the phone until I notice that Vee is whispering. Her voice sounded weak and faint, I could barely hear her....I could tell she had been crying.

REWIND::::A few weeks prior she mentioned that she was getting a series of tests done before her insurance lapsed. She was starting a new job and wanted to get as many visits as her insurance would allow because she would be w/o insurance for a few months. I joked around when she said she was getting checked for breast cancer. I said something like, "Girl you ain't playing, breast cancer tests???? WHY??" She found a lump in her breast but I dismissed it quickly and reassured myself that it was would go away. Vee is young and healthy, no way could it be breast cancer...

FAST FORWARD::: Standing outside of my daughter's school my best friend told me that the test results were indeed positive, it was confirmed that she had breast cancer. Not only did she have breast cancer she had the most aggressive type and the cancer progressed to stage 3.. At that moment I think I stopped breathing. I had to lean on a tree to keep from fainting because my knees seemed like they wanted to give out. I just kept saying, No, No, NO....that can't be At this point we were both weeping, not uttering a single word. I have no idea how long we continued to hold the phone...she said, "Go back inside so you won't miss baby girls performance." (its her style to think of others first)

I joined my husband and younger daughter in the auditorium and continued to cry like a baby. Of course my husband was concerned so I texted him throughout the recital so he would know what was going on. He was trying to hold it together because he was crushed also because Vee is very dear to both of us. People were looking at me but I didn't care, its was no way to hide the fact that we were hurting. After the performance my daughters' principal comes over to rub my back and said, "I used to get emotional at my children's performance also when they were little." I forced a smile and nodded. Too distraught to even speak.

So we get home and I call answer...I let her be. I knew at that moment that she was somewhere hurting and it was absolutely nothing I could do about it, NOTHING.

Over the next few months Vee would have surgery and procedure after procedure...followed by chemo and radiation...followed by more surgery. She had every test in the book. Up until this point I had always protected my cousin/BFF...our mothers are sisters..we are 5 months apart so we have always been close. I was always running to the rescue to fight anybody and anything who tried to hurt her. This time in her life she had to be brave and fight this battle alone. She had her family and friends to pray and support her but this was Vee's fight..a fight for her life. She fought so gracefully...She continued to pray through the pain and heartache. Watching her hair and eyelashes fall out from chemo broke my heart.... She was the one going through and yet she was consoling me.
A little history on Vee, I have never seen/met or heard of anyone more genuine. I have never seen her talk negatively about anyone, never hurt a soul. It was me who was the hot head, it was me who would take off my earrings in a heartbeat to break somebody off...not Vee. I had to lean on God for understanding. In my little mind, she didn't deserve this pain and misery. God had a bigger plan, he saw the bigger picture. He was molding Vee into this mighty woman of Christ that she already was/is...but now she is FEARLESS!! She put on her lacefront wigs and jazzy outfits and kept it moving. She didn't just sit on the couch and wallow in her pain...she continued to go to work and praying all day and night like our Grandmother whom she is named after.
Today as I type this she is CANCER FREE, Praise God!! The battle isn't quite over because she has to recover from all the side effects of radiation but we serve a mighty God, by HIS stripes she is already healed. COMPLETELY.
Once upon a time I considered myself to be the strong one but I stand corrected. Its not always the most aggressive and loudest one who possesses the most strength...its the one who perseveres through the storm...she is not bitter, she is not broken...she is a survivor and I admire her even more. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my bestie, Vee Vee! I love you girl!! See you at the top!!
A poem I wrote for her::
gum poppin
earrings floppin
jeans croppin
donk droppin
no stoppin
saturday mornin
kinfolk stormin
hoola hoopin
front porch stoopin
vacation bible schoolin
kid sis foolin
over crush
quiet type
of me
Grandmas' namesake
i remember
so live
long drive
red dirt
mini skirt
shiny shirt
nail paintin
no end
much love,
'Cornflake'© 2009 (Michelle Williams)
Ladies, I beg of you to do your monthly breast exams...Breast cancer is real and it affects young black women also. I was ignorant to think it was only a mid aged white woman illness...No one is exempt from this disease, men even suffer from breast cancer. Take charge of your health...for info on reproductive health visit

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


I need an INTERVENTION!!!!

I spend so much time in this store, its crazy!! I just bought a vintage Chanel scarf (that smelled like moth balls LOL!) for .99 pennies....whoever is pricing this stuff doesn't have a clue of the value of these pieces. Bless their heart. Their loss is my gain!! What can I say, the stuff is donated?? LOL! *shoulder shrug* Sorry.. Happy Thrifting!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Easy Embellished Fall Nails!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shout Out from the Mocha Peach!!!

My friend, The Mocha Peach recently gave me a shout out yall! YAY! I feel so geeked because she is amazing! She has one of the REALEST blogs on the net. She gives a straight no chaser perspective to relationships, sex and dating. I just love her! You gotta love it when folk keep it real!! Check her out yall, you will be glued to your seat!


Hey ladies!! Dropping off a video of a brotha on a mission. He is a friend of my husband and is doing big things... Remember the Last Dragon movie from the 80's??? I think Taimak was my first crush, I'm sure many of you can agree with me on that one! LOL! Peep this video ladies and share it with a pal!! A little early morning eye candy for yall, don't say I ain't neva gave you nuthin'... *wink*