Monday, August 2, 2010

Recipe for my special batch of Juices & Berries..

I'm not a fan of measuring stuff...1 cup of this 1/4 cup of I'll pass, I like to "eyeball" the ingredients.... I've been asked several times for the recipe to my infamous bottle of "juices and berries" (adapted from Coming to America) LOL! Honestly, I kinda throw any and everything in my bottle, depending on what stuff I have in stock. This bottle has::
*olive oil
*melted shea butter
*castor oil
*a generous squeeze of your favorite leave in conditioner (just make sure it is free from parabens and words you can't pronounce) I use Nubian Heritage/Carol's Daughter products.
*grape seed oil
*a dab of water
*rosemary and/or lavender for fragrance
I have different variations of this "recipe"...this mixture is awesome for my hair. It makes my hair so soft and its growing like weeds...I have a feeling I'm leaving something out...hmmmm?
Google your favorite natural hair care mixtures and mix and match a recipe that works best for you and your hair! Happy Mixing!


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