Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hooking up the Crib for FALL!!!...for LESS.

I fell in love with this color arrangement at Target!!! Its warm chocolate with a splash of bold colors!

Paint colors...

comforter set

I love that green and chocolate together...



I have been purging and getting rid of clutter for the past few months. I was on my way to being a hoarder....not like that woman from Oprah a few weeks back, more like an organized clutter. My garage was a mess!! WOW! So after having Salvation Army make 4 trips to my home to pick up all this junk I'm inspired to jazz up my crib (home)... Hubby and I juggled with the idea of buying a new home but we don't want to settle down for 10+ years in this state, we wanna relocate EAST... Stay tuned for that convo...

Anywhoooo...since we are gonna live in this house for another year or so we decided to redo everything while we are here. We are not balling so we are gonna do this on a budget. When we first got married I shopped in places like Pier 1, spending waaaay too much money. After perusing Target and Walmart I started "window shopping" for ideas. I'd snap a pic of color combos and text hubby and he would say YES or we agreed with the chocolate brown paired with bold colors like; green, turquoise, orange....its a perfect mix of the both of us! Right now grad school has consumed my world but I imagine we will have this job completed by Thanksgiving. It feels good to chunk all of that junk that was taking up space. All that clutter was messing with my mind, now I have clarity and can think! LOL! It's so true what they say about clutter effecting your peace of mind. As I was chunking stuff in the Donate, Sell, and Trash piles I felt liberated! I should have taken BEFORE pics! OMG!
Stay tuned yall!

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