Saturday, August 7, 2010

What is in your child's lunch?

Is this what our children are eating at school? Where are the veggies?

I have been a teacher for many years and basically our children are fed foods that are very low in nutritional value. I would turn up my nose at some of the food that was served in the cafeteria. Food that is loaded in processed fats and artificial colors and flavors. After lunch my students would be so hyper and their lips and tongues would be stained from the artificial colors in their jello and "fruit cups" ...after a hour or so the kids would be sleepy and sluggish from all the fats and carbs in their school lunch. Basically, there is hardly anything "healthy" in school lunches these days.

I am really considering packing lunches this school year. I know it will be more costly and time consuming but I'm going to give it a try...for the health and apperance of my babies. Foods like the picture featured above are making our children FAT!!
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