Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elmo Goes Green!

"Being Green" Elmo goes "green" to help the Earth..
We checked this video out from the library and my baby loved it! She danced all around and wanted to know more about 'going green' and what it meant to recycle. Even though I recycle plastics and paper she never knew what I was doing. So now she tries to save everything! LOL!

Elmo and Abby find out it can be easy being green when they stumble onto the Earth-a-Thon, hosted by Mr. Earth (Paul Rudd), happening right on Sesame Street. Telly, Rosita, and cookie monster answer calls from children calling in with pledges to reduce, reuse and recycle (and possibly send cookies to Cookie Monster). But what happens when Abby uses her magic to help Elmo be really "green"?
Includes Green Parent Tips and Earth Friendly Fun! 16 page downloadable activities and story sheets!!!

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Yakini said...

Wow, what a cool concept and video - way to teach kids about going green! LOL!