Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby steps...Grocery Shopping!

Shopping for groceries is a drag...I'm a germaphobe so I'm looking at everything like EWWW! I can't indulge in everything on the shelves like I used to. Every since I started "watching what I eat" grocery shopping is no fun. I spend so much time reading Nutrition Facts only to find it has too much sodium or carbs for me to eat. Oh, don't get me wrong...if I want to eat something I will eat it! It's the guilt that comes afterwards that I'm trying to avoid...its so depressing to over eat and sit like a fat blob on the couch. I hate that feeling!! Soooooooooooo, I'm taking baby steps towards smarter choices...I caught a sale on Tropicana 100% orange juice!! It was only 99 cents plus I had a coupon! YAY! I also bought some cashews, craisins, smoked gouda cheese, peanut butter, grits, salmon, and frozen spinach after taking this pic...Eating before going grocery shopping helps me from throwing stuff loaded with saturated fat and empty carbs into the basket. If I am hungry in the grocery store I buy stuff like chips, cookies and soda everytime. I'm not saying I'm am totally reformed because I've been wanting some Popeyes Chicken with red beans and rice all day! LOL! Maybe I can get some grilled chicken from KFC?!!! hahaha! For now, I'm taking baby steps towards a healthier life....Happy eating! Eat to live! :)

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