Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My pretty little green flower clip for $1.49 plus tax!

I found this beauty in a discount dusty box at the BSS (beauty supply store)...I know I'm supposed to be boycotting that store but what can I say??? They have diva essentials in there! LOL! ...I just avoid those pricy hair care products. Well anywhooo, It was so green and sparkly and blingy...I just had to have it! I asked the lady (who didn't want to be bothered *smh*) she said it was $4.99....I wanted it anyway because I couldn't find another one like it in the whole store. When I went to check out the lady told me my total was $4.22...so I'm like hmmm??? I bought the eyebrow arch thingy and some NYX polish. She only charged me $1.49 on the reciept! Oh Happy Day! I get giddy about bargains, don't judge me. LOL! Every chance I get to wear that bad boy I put it in my hair...on the side by my ear, at the top of my puff...it doesn't even matter. The gold hasn't even started to fade yet! YAY! I love my pretty little green flower clip for $1.49, makes me happy! :) ITSTHESIMPLETHINGS :D


Yakini said...

What a gorgeous clip! At that price, I'd have bought one in every color (if available). Sweet!!!

VioletPoetry said...

Thank you girl...I didn't see any other colors, I'm on the hunt to find more...I love it!