Thursday, February 3, 2011

First attempt::: Straightening my Hair since the BC!!!

Deep Conditioned/Hot Oil Treatment..

Detangled and Air-Dryed

After I pressed my hair I braided two semi-loose plaits on each side.. I used satin covered sponge rollers to curl the ends..

Straightened my hair on low-heat... I was going to press my hair from the heat of the stove but chickened-out, I pressed my hair with a plug-in pressing comb on Med/Low.

After my hot shower my hair shrunk and I lost some of the sheen/silky look...

Day 2

Day 3 I'm channeling my inner 1980's chick...mushroom hairstyle!! LOL! It started as a joke, DH loved it so I wore it out like this. Groovy Dude.
I enjoyed the "straight" look for the 3-4 days it lasted. LOL! My hair is a 4b so it takes more heat or a higher temp to get the pressed look I was going for. My hair can be resistant to heat but it was very soft and VERY manageable. I will proceed with more confidence next time. I had no idea how to straighten my natural hair because my hair has been permed my whole life. I didn't want to burn my hair off so I was super cautious this time with how much heat I put on my hair. After recently washing my hair my naps are back in full effect!! LOL! Does anyone recommend a flat iron that gets really hot with no damage? I love having options with my hair...I welcome all suggestions..


Anonymous said...

I love your hair girl!!!! It's so healthy and full of life!!! Your pictures are so pretty too!

Anonymous said...

Viola said this comment! I don't know why my name want show!

McClain said...

Did straitening your hair change the texture at all? My Soror says to be cautious in doing such often because the heat will change your texture. Looks great.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl its Tina (Detroit) I was just just checking out your blog. I noticed that you asked what type of flat iron is best for srt8ting you natural hair. I recommend a Chi. Most hair stylist use them. You can get them at JcPenny or Ulta. Price starts at about 100$. Starr got me one a couple years ago and they work great. Also remember to use heat protector prior to use. GOOD LUCK!!

VioletPoetry said...

Viola- Thank you Vee Vee!! We need to put pics of your natural hair on here. I'm still gonna do your twists. Its gonna be CAYUTE!

McClain- Thank you for your post...You know I worried about the texture changing so I sampled a piece of my hair first. I straightened a section of my hair then spritzed it with water to see what it would do. So far so good. My hair is still nappy and coily. Thank God!!

Tina- Hey girl!!! I know you know how to get hair straight. $100 bucks and up?? Yowza!! Well I guess it would be an investment right?!! LOL! Thanks suga!

Yakini said...

This looks GOOD!!!! Love that style on you.

VioletPoetry said...

Thank you so much, Yakini!!