Friday, February 11, 2011

Are you a Chocolate Bride?

Are you single, married, boo'd up and thinking about marriage? Are you TTC, preggers, or a Mommy? Are you a sexy single looking for sisterhood?? Are you buying a house or redecorating your home? Have your children and husband worked your last nerve?? Are you looking for a classy upscale website that celebrates ALL of your chocolateness? Have you gained weight and need support as you press on with your weight loss journey? Would you like to be among some of the most uplifting praying sisters God has ever created? Well you need to visit Chocolate Brides dot com!! I can't begin to tell you what those women have been to me over the last 5-6 years!! It's THE best website for African American Brides. Its something for everybody over there, even a Grooms Corner for the menz!! Head on over and introduce yourself ..tell em' Michelle sent ya!!
4/2010 Raleigh, NC
Its a a inside joke why CB's call my hubby Christopher Williams!! LOL!

(pic taken 4/5 yrs. ago)
Me in my Chocolate Brides t-shirt that I absolutely cherish!!!

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