Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter Protective Styles: WIGS

Protective styles make it possible to prevent breakage since your hair may be breaking off faster than it grows. Protective styles keep your ends "protected." It doesn't matter which way you wear your hair, just as long as your ends are put away. Keeping the ends of your hair put up and out of sight protects the ends as well as retains moisture. My hair seems to grow faster in protective hair styles.


I love wigs, I usually buy the long layered styles...Here lately the shorter wigs are more fun!! Straight, curly, wavy, asymmetrical or whatever...I love em' all!

My hair is safe and secure in LOOSE cornrows, under a satin wave cap.

I have no idea what these wigs are called or what brand. I have a bad habit of pop'n tags and tossin' them in the trash before reading it. Womp. LOL!

Tryin' to act Sessy! LOL!


Winter months tend to be harsh on my hair so I usually wear protective styles when its cold.

This wig is my least favorite. Its asymmetrical like the others but because its new the curls were too tight...I'm going to try to manipulate the curls to look more free flowing and not so "wiggy". I don't like wearing "wiggy" looking shouldn't look like you are wearing a wig at first glance.

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