Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day::: DIY

I bought this little heart patch at Michael's for less than $5 bucks.. Its an iron-on that took about 3-5 minutes to make.

I bought this plain red Cardigan from Target, it needed some V-Day flair so I ironed on the sequined heart, Worked like a Charm!! .....I also added the red gem brooch that I purchased from Goodwill (Brand New) to my hat to spruce it up a notch. When my hair is looking crazy these hats always save the day!

Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!!!


TheMochaPeach said...

CUTENEss! Im not that crafty!

Bonn Group said...

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VioletPoetry said...

Mocha- Thank u girl! You'd be surprised how crafty you are. Do just one iron-on project and u will be hooked! I make graphic tees every other week! LOL!