Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Black History Month!! Library Time...

This was the Martin Luther King book display at my local library from last month. I love how my library has so many books about African American History. A very thrifty way to teach your children about their culture is by taking them to the library. Its free, quiet and very resourceful to frequent the library...My oldest daughter suggested that we read a different book on Black History every day this month. There are also many free activities to enjoy...Below is a snapshot I took of the flyer advertising an event I plan to attend next week...
"Soulful stories to tell of strong black towns and communities with life changing history. Powerful stories of a colored hospital; "Bullet" Joe Rogan's no wind up baseball pitches and the foiled bank robbery of Pretty Boy Floyd's boys. History of Black Town's and Communities...Absolutely Soulfully! Join Rhythmically Speaking to celebrate Black History month. "
Check out free programs in your community and visit your local library to attend activities and events that celebrate Black History Month.
*raises fist in the air*
Happy Black History Month!!!! :)

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