Thursday, February 17, 2011

What is Argan Oil? Sally's Haul::: Product Review

Argan oil is high in Omega 3 and Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids providing a boost of vitamin E when applied to the hair.
With frizzy or damaged hair, the hair strand is split and jaded. When the oil is applied to the strand the outer hair sheath is nourished and the cells flatten. Due to the dis-order of the outer sheath the oil readily enters and is absorbed by the hair strand.

The hair strand is immediately nourished providing hydration and elasticity. With the immediate repair of the outer hair sheath, each hair strand lies flat and combined with other strands reducing frizziness and tangle.
The hair strand will take on a nourished shiny look as the hair is rehydrated with locked in moisture. The Omega fatty acids and Vitamin E provides nourishment to each hair follicle that increases strength and protein bonding.
The application of argan oil is very simple. After washing your hair you apply the oil and massage the oil through your hair using your fingers. A little oil does go a long way so when applying the oil try to judge the least amount required to cover each hair strand.

I purchased these items a few weeks ago and wanted to try them all before giving my two cents. After researching Argan Oil I went to Sally's and bought every product with Argan Oil that my pennies could afford! LOL! I was pleasently pleased with ALL of my selections. I loved the Natural 7 Oil so much that I went back to buy three more bottles. Go to because they are having a sale. The three bottles of
Proclaim Natural 7 Argan Oil (pictured above) are buy 2 get one FREE!!! I love free stuff..The Hairtrition was pretty good, the leave-in conditioner worked great as a detangler!! I give it two thumbs up! These products can be used on relaxed or natural hair.


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