Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage 1954 JET magazine kinda love!

Carmen JonesNames: Harry Belafonte, Dorothy Dandridge
Stills of Harry Belafonte and Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones

I found that Vintage 1954 JET Magazine Cover when I googled something...I don't even remember what I was looking for online but this picture literally popped up on (YBF). I have watched Carmen a kazillion times. I rented it from the library and had all kinds of late fees when I finally returned it! LOL!... I had never seen that magazine cover before. After stumbling upon that pic it prompted me to google Carmen Jones, the film and ran into these photo stills on (IMDB.com). I love watching old black and white musicals...I just rented Porgy and Bess this past weekend. Those where the days before digital imaging and photoshopped celebs. Rare and raw talent! These movies had the drama, romance and suspense like the movies of today but they just had more substance and depth back then, if you ask me... Netflix and the local library have all the oldies but goodies!!


Yakini said...

I love movies from that era, and that magazine cover is so beautiful and vintage - one of those items you'd want to frame if you had it at home.

VioletPoetry said...

Oh yes, I'd definetly have to frame that beauty if I had it...The women and men of that era had so much class! Classics!