Sunday, October 17, 2010

GARAGE SALES are a good way to REUSE!

Garage Sales are my favorite Saturday morning ritual.. So many treasures to sort from..I usually go to the "uppity" neighborhoods because in many cases the wealthy are more likely to bore quickly from an overabundance and tend to sell their items dirt cheap. Garage sales are a great way to purge while ridding oneself of excess and making a pretty penny in the process! A while back I promoted my garage sale on Craigslist, posted signs and even attached balloons to my mailbox to encourage people to stop and shop. I started at 8 am in the morning and by noon I had close to $300 dollars in my pocket. CHA-CHING! I made a huge dent in my junky garage and cashed in at the same time. Its alot of work but well worth it in the end...the stuff that you have left you can drop off at the Goodwill. To make it even more fun, invite friends to sell their things as well..its like making money for hanging out... Happy Garage Sailin'...

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