Thursday, March 11, 2010

REAL TALK::: Follow your heart...

Frank Morrison picture "Proud Divas"

If they talk about other people around you, they will also talk to other people about you. That is a fact.

I was blown away at a co-worker of mine who talked about someone who I thought was really her friend, like a dog. I couldn't believe how bad she was talking about her friend! I'm like yall just came back from a road trip and now you are calling her out of her name!! I was taken back a while ago, I've been giving her the side eye for a minute because she seems so phony. It really bothered me because she always has something negative to say about somebody. Something about her is different, I can't put my finger on it. She brings a different vibe to the room that I can't explain. I don't consider her a bestie because I only have two of those. My cousin BFF/ and my sister. We can chop it up and occasionally crack a joke but I never gave her my complete trust...I have decided to dissolve the ties. My gut is telling me to run. One thing about me is that when I am through with you its over! I will forgive you, pray for you but I will delete you like a Magic Eraser and NEVER look back! You better ask somebody!! Humph!! You will think everything is all good and you'll look up and my number has changed.

Ladies and gents don't subject yourself and your other "friends" to toxic people. Check them out and listen to your heart. Good people don't talk bad about their friends and then you look up and they are shopping and having lunch together. Quality not Quanity. I've had long friendships for a reason. I'm very loyal and will do anything for my friends. I take the bonds and memories we share very seriously. I expect the same in return. I don't have any actual factuals that suggest that I have been the topic of discussion...but when I get that feeling, I'm usually right.

Be good to those you love and may look up and they will be gone.


Mama's Girl Alexis said...

I really enjoyed this post. This is true, go by your gut and observe the people you are around.
Love and respect your great and true friends and be appreciative of them as well and they will do the same if they are your Great and True friend....

Thank you for this post

Anonymous said...

Let her go! She sounds fake to me.