Thursday, March 18, 2010

House of Dereon Spring 2010...Finally threads for curvy girls!

These beautiful threads are from Beyonce's Spring 2010 House of Dereon line. I love how beautiful and breezy these pieces are...I love the background. I'd love to escape to wherever she took these photos. The view is breathtakingly gorgeous!!

I probably couldn't afford it but where can one purchase these?

Not a part of the Spring line, I just think this pic is hot!

Womens Plus Size Line
She finally has a line for real curvy/plus size women! YAY! After looking at the selections for "us" I wasn't impressed. Everything looks cheap and skankish, not classy and fabulous like some of the upscale stuff she has for the smaller chics...I probably wouldn't wear this dress. Beyonce I'm still a fan, but I think they can do better for the big girls. I'm just sayin'...
See for yourself curvy girls:::::

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marielle murray said...

Very gorgeous! I love those shots. very professional.

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