Monday, March 1, 2010

FEATURED ARTIST: MR. Mayberry/Thick n Thin Family presents ALL FOLKS MUSIC, It’s for Errbody!!

Allow me to introduce Mr. Mayberry, Lyrical Artist, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father, and Educator…

His latest Album ALL FOLKS MUSIC is for Errbody….literally! When I first heard the album I found myself bobbin my head to the beat as soon as the first track hit the speakers. You know the album is hot when you love it the first time you hear it! Track after track gave me something different…Hip Hop, jazz funk, up-tempo, melodic lyrical bliss, smooth vocals…there is something for the young and old. This brotha speaks on the highs and lows of life... He paints a vivid picture of his transformation from explicit lyrics to messages aimed at the youth to keep striving and holding on to their dreams. From humble beginnings to much success, Mr. Mayberry is still grinding and providing the blueprint for the youngsters that are following in his footsteps.. Very seldom do you find music you can play in the club and around the kids. Ear candy at its finest! Check out Autumn “Babygirl” Mayberry, his extremely talented daughter who is unbelievable on the mic!! Subscribe to ThickandThinFamily on Youtube .
I have my copy, go get yours!!

TOO CUTE!!! Its for Err'body!!

For more info::: <----- CLICK LINK!! GET YOUR COPY NOW!!

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Does he have ringtones?