Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Make a Natural Exfoliating Bath Bar

Things You'll Need:

*3-4 ounces glycerin melt and pour soap base
*loofah sponge
*soap bar mold
*wooden or metal spoon
*serrated knife
*microwave-safe 2 cup measuring cup
*spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
*microwave oven

Making A Natural Beauty Scrub

Step 1
Assemble all your tools and ingredients next to the microwave oven.
Step 2
Chop the glycerin soap base into cubes.
Step 3
Slice the loofah into 1/2" thick slices or chop into little squares approximately 1-2 inches in diameter.
Step 4
Place loofah pieces in the bottom of the soap mold.
Step 5
Pour soap cubes into the measuring cup and heat in the microwave on high for 40 seconds. Stir. Continue to heat and stir the soap base at 10 second intervals until cubes are completely melted.
Step 6
Pour the melted soap from the measuring cup into the mold over the loofah pieces. If the soap begins to harden before you are finished, simply reheat and stir.
Step 7
Allow the soap to set for a minute or so until the bubbles rise to the top. Squirt with rubbing alcohol. This keeps bubbles from forming in the soap so you have a nice clear bar.
Step 8
Allow the soap to cool for about a half hour or until the soap bar has hardened.
Step 9
Turn mold over and pop soap bar out by pressing down on the mold with your thumbs. If the soap bar is stubborn, place mold in the freezer for ten minutes and try again.


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