Monday, January 11, 2010

Its the Recessionista in me!!

Its no surprise that I'm a thrifty chic, I didn't use to be. When I was a young fool I would use my last dime to look good. I say fool because only a fool would spend their last dime on something as shallow as designer labels. I used to be drenched in the finest but had poor credit living check to check..not a good look. I'm not saying throw away the labels, because I still love a good Chanel bag like the next diva...but I had to get my priorities straight and take care of necessities and building a nest for my future..
Its so many ways to be fierce on a budget and my way is websites like eBay, Craigslist,, the list goes on and on. I have Thrift Store Tuesdays, Flea Market Fridays, Swap Meet Saturdays and garage sales any day of the week!! LOL!
We went to the Flea Market yesterday and a little old lady that is VERY wealthy has a booth there. We are on a first name basis after over a decade of transactions. She finds things for me and saves them to show me when I come by. Usually she has some of the best stuff, she seems to know me so well! This particular time I didn't like what she had set aside for me but my eyes zoomed in on these pink round earrings that were bedazzled. They were really retro and funky just like I like'em!! I kept digging and found 2 other pair. Only $5 bucks and then she took off 1/2 for being a loyal customer. Its good to have a friendship with this lady, she is so down to earth. She sits in this little chair surrounded by what some would call "junk" but to somebody like me its a playground. One man's trash is truly another man's treasure. I am a witness to that. I'm not sure what I will wear these earrings warped from the 1980's but I'm gonna have fun trying to figure it out! Have a Marvelous Monday!
A link with cool vintage earrings..

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