Thursday, October 1, 2009

Say "Ta Ta" To Uncomfortable Bras!

Say "Ta Ta" To Uncomfortable Bras

How would it feel to never have to wear a bra again?

The first words that come to my DD-cup mind are: liberating, comfortable and easy. I know I’ll never see the day where one isn’t necessary, but I found an easy way to feel liberated and comfortable while still wearing a bra. That too is a day I’d never thought I’d see.
It’s really very simple: a trained sales associate fit me for the right bra size. I found, like 80% of women, I was wearing the wrong one. Call me crazy, but it never occurred to me that through the years of losing (and gaining!) weight, having children and simply getting older that my bra size would change. Although a fitting is recommended every six months, I’d been wearing the same bra size and style for over 20 years. Was it ever the right size? Since it was never really comfortable, I doubt it.

Within a few minutes I went from the drudgery of picking the least annoying, plain, white, full-coverage bra to being able to confidently try new styles and fun colors making make my clothes look and feel better. That makes me and my girls happy, too.
And, after all, we know it’s what’s underneath that counts, right ladies?

Six Signs Of The Perfect Bra Fit

1. The fullest part of your bust is midway between your shoulder and elbow

2. The front of the bra sits flat against the breastbone

3. Straps and band are comfortable – no digging

4. Band is not riding up

5. Bra fits comfortably on the middle hook/eye

6. No “double busting” (spilling out of cups)

Don’t Miss The Bra Fit Event Being Held In Lane Bryant Stores October 2-4 and get your complimentary bra fit.

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