Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday my son!!
I lit this candle for my son this morning...I carried him 9 months..He was full term but due to a chromosome disordered he passed the day he was born. He Blessed us in so many ways.. He lived for almost 2 hours but his lungs were not strong enough for him to breathe on his own. We still talk about the little boy who loved the voice of his father. My husband always made him move around in my tummy by calling his name! His own Mama couldn't get him to to do that!! LOL...I can smile now because I know God took him home to a better place. Trisonomy 22 was the diagnosis. For further info visit these websites on chromosome disorders.
Enjoy the pearly gates and streets of gold our precious son, Stafford. We love you forever and always!!

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