Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Natural Cleaning Products: My personal review....

Don't use bleach on this sponge, it burned a whole right through it...I'm not a huge fan of this sponge, I use bleach to clean...I haven't found an alternative to bleach yet.

• Made with natural ingredients* Botanical* 100% Biodegradeable* Non Flammable

I don't really like the smell..its great on glass and surfaces but not soap scum, its not a heavy duty cleanser.

On the plus side its: • Safe around kids and pets• Won’t harm the environment•

I LOVE THESE!! They work great and because they are all natural they are non-toxic. These products are harmless if ingested. The dish soap makes my hands so soft and I LOVE the smell! My vote is for these products by Clorox!!

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Pol vanRhee said...

Have you tried the WOW Green products? They've only got 4 ingredients in each. There's a good video by Canadian news that shows some common products and what's in them here: