Friday, July 15, 2011

How To Love:::: LilTunechi

If I wasn't already a fan of this dude, LilTunechi (Lil Wayne) I'd definitely would be a fan after hearing this song...How To Love. This song pulled at my heart strings the first time I heard it. For several reasons, (1) It was *bleep* free, I didn't hear alot of explicit lyrics so I didn't have to turn down the volume around my kids. (2) It sounded so sincere, like he was singing the lyrics from his heart. I love songs with passion and depth. (3) I could identify with the lyrics. Not that I've have issues loving a man because I am currently VERY in love and have been for almost 2 decades with hubz *swoon*. I consider myself to be very fortunate in that area. SO GRATEFUL. My issue is more so with women. I have always had trust issues with women. I will meet a super cool gal and almost immediately retreat and/or find a way to become distant and withdrawn. I seem to have difficulty letting my guard down and giving my heart in friendships. I have had the same circle of friends for so long which are predominately family members(my besties are my cousin and sister).

I don't know what angle Weezy F. Baby was coming from when he wrote this song but I'm sure we can all relate in some way or another. Maybe from low self esteem, a broken heart and/or issues trusting men or women...or maybe just not knowing how to love. I am choosing not to let betrayal and disappointments deter me from loving and building. Everyone is different, not every person you meet is out to break you down. Encouraging you all, including myself to learn how to love...AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

my first visit. i can relate. i will be back. :-)


VioletPoetry said...

Don't be a stranger! :)