Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shrinkage 101

I was browsing through recent pics and my hair appears to be the same length for the last year or so. Boy was I wrong!! My hair has a springy, snap-back type of thing going on. Apparently my hair is growing it just doesn't really show. I tried different techniques like metal clips and shells on the ends of my hair to get it to stretch out...resulting in my hair snapping back in place as soon as I remove the clips. In these pics I am pulling my hair to show the length... I washed my hair after taking these pictures because it really shrinks after it gets wet. (Excuse my matted 2 week old twist out LOL!)


Drea said...

Have you tried banding?! I'm gonna try it this week and I'll post pics...if it turns out!

VioletPoetry said...

What is banding, Drea Drea? Skool me homie. :)