Monday, June 20, 2011

Can you be fat and fit?

Finally, a video that addresses this issue. There is a misconception that thin means that you are healthy and being overweight suggests that you are knocking on death's door. I have always maintained healthy cholesterol levels as well as a normal blood pressure. My doctors' usually do a double take at my blood work results and then a side glance at my chunky size to make sure they are reading the correct patients chart. They are pleasantly surprised but they always encourage me to loose weight. I've battled weight  issues pretty much my whole life and yet I always get a good report from the doctor. When eating clean and working out 3-4 times a week yielded very little weight loss I asked my doctor to test my thyroid levels. That test confirmed that I didn't have any issues with my thyroids. My doctor reassured me that with consistency and a regular workout regimen that the fat would eventually get the memo. While I am considered healthy on paper, I'd really like to have a healthy body image as well. I love curves but I can do without the rolls and cellulite. LOL! I will continue to strive for my weight loss goals even though it gets discouraging when I don't meet my goals. Can't stop, won't stop. Make it a healthy day!! *wink*

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