Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make it count...ROCK THE VOTE!

VOTE!! Exercise your rights...let your voice be heard! Make it count...
"Little Rock Nine"

When I see pictures like these a series of emotions flood my mind... I feel inspired by their courage and perseverance...I feel motivated to live fearless...I feel angry that in many ways their efforts were in vain. So many young people fought for a proper education and the right to vote and yet some youngsters of today could care less. These pictures are a reality check for me because I am guilty of not thriving to my full potential at times. Today I will hit the polls and cast my vote...there won't be angry mobs waiting to attack me. I don't have to sit in the back of the bus and drink from a "colored" water fountain. These young people featured above and many like them fought for the privileges that we have today. Make sure you vote! November 2, 2010 can make or break you!! *raises fist in the air*

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