Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chrisette discusses why she went natural...

In an interview with Afrobella.com, she explained the motivation.
"My hair and I had a really bad argument. She was being sprayed with alcohol and burnt with irons... She was being over processed and yanked and pulled by weave strings and suffocated by glue. She told me if I didn't straighten up and fly right that she was leaving. I was out on tour, and day after day of this torturous regimen I began to feel like I was hurting myself. I wasn't being fair to my body. I was ingesting and supporting harsh products and literally ruining myself beginning with my hair. I told my band and tour family that when we all landed home in 6 weeks I would apologize to myself and begin a new relationship with myself beginning with my hair. The boys took me to their favorite barber Manny over in Sherman Oaks and applauded my decision to be honest with myself and showcase what I believe is beautiful. I'm proud of myself. I know that there is a place for my beauty in this world and I plan to celebrate who I am, beginning with my roots. I had about a 1/2" of new growth but I wanted to go lower like my mother's hair as well as my make-up artists hair. The boys told the barber "She wants a Number 2 clipper!!! And fade it out on the edges!!! No Hard Line!" and I said "No, shape me up some."
SOURCE:: blackvoices.com

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