Friday, July 31, 2009

Bilal - Soul Sista

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edgy Style

I LOVE THIS LOOK! I really like the simplicity of the outfit which makes the shoes the highlight of her look. Perfect example of "less is best"..those shoes are insane!

Tips for Curvy Body Shape

Wear pieces that fall smoothly over your curves. Pieces that are nipped at the waist & narrow at the knee. Tops the reveal skin at the shoulders, collarbone or cleavage.

Skirts & dresses with slits to show your legs. Jackets with a top button right under the bust. Slim cut pants. Monochromatic separates. Pieces that incorporate vertical detailing. Outfits with clean lines

Wrap-style blouses & dresses. Long-sleeve tops or those that end just above the elbow. Raglan, dolman and kimono sleeves or any that allow extra room in the armhole. Tops with quiet verticals, like seams or a long, thin lapel. Fabrics that drape but don’t cling. Flat-Front or side-zip pants & Skirts Jackets & tops that are nipped at the waist. Empire-waist tops and dresses. Narrow pants-if you have slims hips and legs. Sheath dresses that skim the body. Single-breasted coats.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A new style by Thik and Kurly and an quick update

FEDORA's! Get your Hattitude in check!

So classy, sleek and versatile you can wear it with anything!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Skin Cancer Myths and the African American community...

What is your body type?

Body Type Categories

Knowing the characteristics of the seven specific body types will help you determine your type, as well as what looks best on you.

1. Diamond

Diamonds carry the most weight in the middle, and the waist is not clearly defined. Hips are wider and thighs fleshy, but the shoulders and bust are smaller. Shoulder pads and horizontal necklines help widen the shoulders and draw attention away from the waist, creating a more balanced look.

2. Triangle

Triangles have full hips and thighs and a defined waist. Their shoulders and bust are proportionately smaller. Shoulder pads, lighter colors and wide necklines broaden the appearance of the upper body.

3. Rectangle

The rectangle body type has no clearly defined waist, and the hips and bust are similar in size. The body, from shoulders to thighs, appears to be straight up and down. Rectangles should dress to create the illusion of a more defined waistline and curvier silhouette.

4. Oval

Ovals have no clearly defined waist, but they do have a prominent tummy. They usually have a fuller bust, with proportionately slender arms and legs. Ovals look best in clothes that emphasize their thighs, hips and legs while de-emphasizing their waist.

5. Hourglass

An hourglass body type has a defined waist that is smaller than the hips, shoulders and bust, which are similar in size. Open collars, v-necklines, and clothing that accentuate the curves are the best clothes for an hourglass.

6. Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle body type is the opposite of the triangle. The shoulders and bust are larger, with the waist, hips and thighs being proportionately smaller. Wearing darker colors on the top and lighter colors on the bottom will help balance out the inverted triangle’s silhouette.

7. Figure Eight

The figure eight is a combination of body types. The overall shape is like the hourglass, but with fuller hips and thighs like the triangle. The waist is defined, but less so, and the oval’s prominent tummy may be present. Dress to elongate the torso and de-emphasize the fuller bottom. Open collars and v-necklines will help draw attention to the face, neck and bust.

Find Your Type

Stand in front of a full-length mirror in a swimsuit or fitted clothing. Are your shoulders narrow, wide or average? Compare your bust and your waist. Is one fuller or are they equal? Make the same comparison between waist and hips, and then between bust and hips. Is your waist clearly defined? It may help to measure your bust, waist and hips so you can see the actual numbers. Now, take your comparison or measurements and look at where they fit in the body types.There is no right or wrong body type, and no body type is best. Knowing your body type, however, can help you select clothing that is most flattering to you, helping you to always look your best.

About The Author

Sarah Testa is the Founder and Executive Editor of, the plus size clothing directory. A plus size lady herself, Sarah strives to provide plus size ladies with a place where they can find the latest plus size fashion and lifestyle tips, news and advice.

A little eye candy...

DROOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I just want to dive into these pix!!
Pics from

Busy tops..

These are what I call a "busy" item...Its a bold fashion statement. You don't need much to jazz up an can wear jeans, slacks, or even a skirt....basically anything! These tops should be the focus when putting together your outfit. These are figure flattering tops because you can disguise your extra tummy. Try to avoid tops that are too tight if you have a little extra in the middle like yours truely. LOL!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Makeup...pix taken a yr ago so this problem is worse. *sigh*

This madness right here is my next project..This is the "extra" makeup so I hardly ever use it. I want to find a convient way to store so it's organized and accessible.

How's your shoe game?

Steve by Steve Martin (I have these in a camel color)

Miss Sixty

Naughty Monkey

Colin Stuart

I love this but....

I have too much junk in the trunk to pull of this look. I know the "hammer pants" are back, but this is a No-No for me! Just because they make my size doesn't mean I should wear it.

MY GROUPIE MOMENT:Some flava I'm feelin'

Green Products

Girls Rock B-day party for my girls

10 Tips for Healthy Hair

Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural: A Few Tips

IMO- In My Opinion

All these are personal tips that have or have not worked for me. Results may vary. I am not representing any company or agency so if you look a hot mess in something I suggested thats on you. Sorry. You may totally disagree with everything I say or post, if so this blog is not for you. When I close a statement with IMO, that simply means 'in my opinion'... I hope my suggestions work for you, if not..good luck with someone/something geared to fit you and your style.


Hair accessories

I got this one from the mall, clearance rack $1.99. Shop around and don't forget to dress up your hair as well. Scarves, hats, headbands, barrettes...have a ball!

Maxi Dresses!!

I found these beauties on eBay. Just put "Maxi dresses" in the search field to find the seller. They are great for the summer or any season! Throw on a cardigan or jean jacket in cooler months!

Grunge can be Girly

Purple is my favorite color so its always my first option when choosing a color but purple is summer hot this season so dress up that simple black outfit with some purple buffalo plaid.

Skinny jeans don't have to be denim, choose a bold color and a solid top. Be careful with shiny and bright color skinny jeans if your thighs are your problem area like they are for me, RUN from metallics and bright color bottoms. It just highlights your flaws.

Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! I have this skirt but its a loooooooong maxi skirt...I wear it with a white or black tank, simple but huge hoops (staple) and solid plastic bangles. Flip Flops or thong sandals.

Distressed Jeans! Go get your pair, or make your own...I'll post a link later...

Charming Recycle Bracelets


These are all Gucci, which means I can't afford it! LOL! You can find similiar pieces everywhere from Walmart, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ashley Stewart or any of your favorite dept. stores. You can use something bold and colorful like these above and jazz up any outfit. Liven up solid colors or denim with a bold accessory. Remember don't overdo it (note to self LOL! ). A "busy" item should never be paired with another "busy" item. Translation: If your shoes and clutch are multicolored DO NOT wear a multicolored top or bottom. Instead of a multi-top wear a white tank, skinny jeans with stilletos, ballet slippers, or some trendy gladiator sandal. Play around with fashion, don't be afraid to play around with colors and textures.