Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Lady, Michelle Obama does the Dougie!!!

Recently, I blogged about the "Let's Move" movement here Let's Move .

Yesterday, the first lady paid a surprise visit to Alice Deal Middle School in Tenleytown for a dance party Tuesday afternoon. When she arrived, the students were already out on the field, prepping to perform a Beyoncé workout video as part of the first lady's nationwide "Let's Move" initiative.

More than 600 schools performed the Beyoncé workout simultaneously this afternoon. Only one school, of course, was lucky enough to have the first lady doing the Dougie on the sidelines.

Full Article: Michelle Obama Does The Dougie

Official HD Beyonce Let's
Move "Move Your Body" Video!!!


Rhapsody B. said...

blessings that is so cool.....

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VioletPoetry said...

Thank you, same to you! Don't be a stranger!! :)