Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Barbie Look Alike...

Hey yall!

This is my new Barbie, Violet. I bought her when my daughter's and I went to TRU to buy new Barbies. Usually I don't buy myself a doll when the girls get new ones. This particular trip I followed behind my daughters making sure they didn't go over their $20 budget I gave them. In Toys R Us, its easy to buy everything in sight! So my oldest who is 11 1/2 (as she puts it) bailed out on the Barbie idea and chose to purchase accessories like beads and such. My four year old toted around a Barbie, a baby doll, and outfits for both. Little did she know at the time that she would have to choose which one would stay at the store because she was well over budget. So after battling with her she chose to keep the baby doll that pee'd instead of the Barbie. So I felt bamboozled when I realized that we were not coming home with new Barbies to play with as planned. All of a sudden I see this ebony beautiful Barbie in a box with this wild hair tossed among clearance children videos by the checkout counter. It looked like someone picked her up and at the last minute decided they didnt want her. I know it sounds dramatic but I had to have this Barbie! She had this spunky natural looking hair and she was so chocolate, like me. *giggle* If she was plus-sized we could pass for twins! LMBO!!! hahaha!

She was on sale on top of that!! *doing the running man*

So whenever my daughter pulls out her doll house and Barbie convertible to play with, I go to my room and get MY Barbie, Violet. :D

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