Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blogger Blues::: UPDATE

Sigh...hello readers....I'm back with an update.. Months back I blogged about wanting to change the design and direction of this blog. I am bored with this layout and I am sure you all are too...Earlier this year I reached out to a cyber pal who designs layouts. The last time we spoke I was number 5 in line to get a custom design but I was informed Wednesday that she would issue me a refund of my deposit because she just doesn't have the time. She is relocating with her husband who is in the military. Frustrating yes, but I understand that she has a full plate. Sooo, I am back at square one once again. If that wasn't bad enough I am having the hardest time renewing my domain name. It continues to give me error messages....I updated my payment info and it appeared to be fixed but the link is still broken. I called Google but since its the weekend nothing but automated services are available right now. I am not going to throw in the towel just yet, just thought I'd give yall an update.


Melissa said...

Mercury retrograde should be over now. Communications and technical snafus less likely. Good luck!

Yakini said...

Oh bummer. That is frustrating. :( I hate when technical difficulties interfere with the smooth functioning of my blog. Makes you feel so powerless and at the mercy of outside forces, which i hate.

Yeah, a blog makeover is always fun, and gets me rejuvenated and the creative juices flowing again (lol). A shame that your web designer isnt available. :( Let me know if you're in the market for someone knew, because the girl i work with is fabulous!